Real Alert - The Personal Safety App
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Real Alert ® 
Stay ALERT and aware of your surroundings!
REAL ALERT APP provides quick access to emergency services, a critical feature in various scenarios, including those related to the dynamic environment of casino games. In the realm of online gambling, where players engage in real-time interactions on casino siteleri, having instant access to emergency assistance can be pivotal. Whether it's addressing technical issues, ensuring fair play, or handling unforeseen emergencies, this app serves as a lifeline, enhancing the safety and security of players in the digital gaming landscape.
- Ward off a potential Attacker with Quick tap “ALARM”
- Save precious moments with Quick tap “CALL 911”
- Record "CREEP DATA" details about a suspicious person
- Speed dial your emergency contact “ALERT A FRIEND”
- Handy flashlight
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Real Alert - the personal safety app